On Appropriate Terminology

I just excitedly asked on a friends Facebook page, "Is that monkeybread??"

Her son was enthusiastically sitting in front of, what I have always referred to, a plate of monkeybread.

You see, my grandmother used to make this and a whole bunch of other delicious baked goods when we would visit her and my Grandfather in Richmond, Virginia.  That was the term she used to describe the sweet, sticky, pull-apart bread, shaped in a bundt pan.  She was also from the deep south where many still believe in segregation, racially separate bathrooms, and Jim Crow laws.

Did I mention that she also loved a particular type of licorice candy called "n***er babies."  And when she described the candies and the name she reckoned "I don't think they like being called that anymore.." No ma'am, I don't think they do.  

Now, in a slight panic, I googled "is monkeybread racist".....shit.  Bless my dear Grandmother's lil' heart.