It's My Birthday Today

Yesterday I had a conversation with the ol' ball and chain....this is how it went:

Me: Do you know how old I’ll be turning tomorrow?
Him: Um…38?
Me: Wow,  That was a two carat mistake.
Him: Too carrot?
Me: T-W-O-C-A-R-A-T, now go to Harry Winston dot com and buy me an apology!

This should do nicely as an "I'm sorry Jenn, you are not that old."

Via: Harry Winston



On Holiday Music and Driving

In 2003 several things happened.  One, I fell in love with the right guy, and two, the movie Love Actually came out.

Where the hell am I going with this?  Hang on, I'll explain.

The ol' ball and chain was finishing up university up in Santa Barbara (I like 'em young), and we had to do the long distance commute, for, oh, three years (I like 'em really young).

Anyway, as you all here on the website know, and pretty much anyone within spitting distance of me knows, I love Christmas.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.


So during the holiday season, when I had to drive some 8 bajillion miles to Santa Barbara to see my beloved, I would play some of my favorite CD's (CD's for you people who are too young to remember, are compact discs.  They contain songs and you can play them, similar to an MP3, by putting the CD into the CD player, and pressing play).

One of my favorite CD's was the soundtrack to Love Actually., how I would get so excited on the drive up, with each landmark I passed getting me closer and closer to my beloved.  LAX?  Check.  405/101 interchange?  Check.  The huge hill from Thousand Oaks into Camarillo?  Check.  Mussle Shoals?  Check.  

And on the flip side, the miserable drive home where I would do the same check list, noting how much farther I was driving away from my one and only.  

So with this epistle...I share with you my favorite song from one of my favorite holiday albums....yeah, it's a Mariah  Carey ballad, eat it.