Why The Title, Jenn?

Ah yes, many have inquired as to the origination of the title of my website.

Obscure, isn't it? To me, no.  

But I get it...Psh, Totally, when said out of context, doesn't mean anything.  But when put into a conversation, people go, "ahhh, I get it."

For example:

Friend asks, "Jenn, you wanna spot me while I bench press 300lbs?"

I reply overly-confidently, "Psh....totally."


 Tig Notaro....my inspiration.

Tig Notaro....my inspiration.

"Psh" is the sound of arrogance, of the "I totally got this, people" mentality.   

"Psh" is a sound that comes from your lips when you are either irritated at someone's lack of knowledge or of their complete inability to recognize logic.  If "Psh" could manifest itself into a physical behavior, it would be the eye-roll.  Psh is a verbal eye roll.  

It's more than a sigh.

But it's less than a grunt.

It's Psh.