I Loved Him Way Before You Loved Him

March 1992, I fell in love with Dave Grohl.

Oh sure, he was not the sexiest member of Nirvana (we all know Kurt was way hotter, whatever), but his sweet smile, gentle demeanor, and kick ass drumming skills set my heart ablaze.

 Photo Credit:  9gag.com

Photo Credit: 9gag.com

It also didn't hurt that I found him hilarious.  I recorded (with a VHS cassette people!) every interview, every performance, every blip of news footage on MTV of Dave Grohl and all things Nirvana.  Did I mention I also found it oddly satisfying that his then-wife was named Jennifer? Yeah, it did.  Her middle name was Michelle too, coincidence?  I call it fate.

I would play those recordings over and over and over again, and when Kurt Cobain took his own life, I was devastated.  My parents were trully concerned, they were afraid I was going to move to Seattle (at the ripe age of 13???) and be a bum.  Full disclosure, I actually was planning to run away to Seattle to visit Kurt Cobain's home and feel depressed with all of the other fans who created shrines in his honor.  I literally was trying to be a bum in Seattle.  And with a penchant for dreads, sloppy clothing, and combat boots, I was a total shoein.  Someone would have taken me in, Seattle is full of lovely people.

Eventually we Nirvina fans all moved on, and I was SO excited when Dave announced his new band, the Foo Fighters.  Pat Smear, who I LOVE, also joined the band.  There music was fun, it was alternative and slightly grungy, but with more pop to it. It was a nice upbeat change for my parents who were afraid I was literally turning into a boy (long story, for another post).  As their music has evolved, it has taken on a harder rock edge (shut up Rob), but the first album still had many lingering notes of alternative/grunge which made my 16-year-old heart happy.

Their first music video, I'll Stick Around,  totally reminded me of the Stephen King book/movie The Langoliers.

See the resemblance?  

 Solid graphics, Mr. King.  Solid. <snicker>

Solid graphics, Mr. King.  Solid. <snicker>

Anyways, since that first music video, Dave and the boys have been making amazing music (shut up, Rob) and hilarious music videos (though sometimes sad)....one of my favorite songs ever:


ANYWAYS AGAIN..the point I am seriously trying to get to, is that for 24+ years I have been in  love with Dave Grohl.  He is "My Person".

And with the latest hilarious rumors of the band breaking up once again, The Foo Fighters went and made an even more hilarious video to dispel those rumors.

Please enjoy!