Grease Up - It's Time To Play Taboo

Wow...did I ever find my game of games while spending the holidays with the in-laws.  I always thought I was a bomb-ass Pictionary aficionado, but lo' and behold as it turns out, I'm an even better participant in the game of Taboo.

For any of you who have been living in cave with their fingers in their ears since 1989, Taboo is a game of words.  You see, there is this word on the card that you must get your partner to say without uttering any of the....fuck this, am I really explaining Taboo?

Google that shit. Moving on..



As it turns out, my Bro-in-law and I are the perfect team.  I mean, insanely good.  I mean, on one play, all I had to say to him was "I drink a lot of this" and before I could even get the word "this" out, he blurted "champagne!"

We went on to win by such a large margin that the ol' ball-and-chain relegated to surreptitious tactics to try and overthrow our omnipotence.

If it seems as though I'm bragging, I AM.  Our teamwork was not unlike that scene in Four Christmases <below> with the one strong exception....I am not, nor ever will be, married or romantically linked to my brother-in-law.

This ain't a Levirate marriage, y'all.  But we mopped up at that game.  #taboo4lyph