The Garden State

This past weekend me and the ol’ ball and chain headed over to New Jersey (the pretty portion) to attend a wedding.  

Two things to remember:  
1.  I don’t like flying in airplanes, yet
2.  I love to travel

Contradictory and impossible all wrapped into one.  The good news is, they serve champagne at the airport, and I have a prescription for Xanax.  This is me, five minutes before boarding:

It also didn’t hurt that a service dog, named Nigel, was at my gate to comfort weary travelers like myself.  Of course I laid on the floor and played with the behemoth sheep dog with his jaunty British name.  Then Kelsi Grammar walked by and I shouted, “Sideshow Bob!”
Does this story have a point you’re asking?
Not really, no. Moving on…

New Jersey did NOT disappoint when it came to the fall foliage, as my husband’s side of the family lives in the beautiful areas, not the lock-your-cars-and-look-no-one-directly-in-the-eye areas.

Apple picking, fall foliage, and an insane family wedding where two brother’s tried to barge in on the reception, and got taken down, and I mean TAKEN DOWN, by the groomsmen and best man.  Dude, we made the local paper.

Jersey, people.