My #MCM is for two blokes....Jack Whitehall and James Cordon.  I fell in love with these two on New Years Eve 2012.  Rob and I were in London celebrating the new year and watched the Big Fat Quiz of the Year and never laughed harder in our lives.

If you have two hours to kill (and who doesn't?) this..



Share Day at School

Sad story ahead...get kleenex.

So, when I was in Kindergarten, share day was going to be on Friday, and so I had all week to pick out an amazing item to share at school.  After a long and arduous decision, I decided on my brand new, mirrored, glass jewery box.  My first nice anything that my Mom entrusted to me, since I was a clumsy little fucker and broke a lot of shit.

I carefully placed it in my backpack and went hopping off to school.

It was finally "share time", so I got my jewelry box and walked over to the "share circle" and sat in my seat.

It was my time to share and I pulled the box out and walked around the circle, basically shaming my peers that they didn't have a nice jewelry box of their own.  I might have sneered a few times just to boot.

I then placed the box back under my chair, went to go sit down, and accidentally stomped on my new jewelry box, shattering it into a million pieces.  I burst into tears and ran to the bathroom.  I don't know what happened much after that, I guess I went into shock from the embarassment?

Now I know what PTSD feels like.

Anatomy of HA

If I write, HA, it means I find what you said to be clever (this is an important distinction).

If I write, HAHA, it's sort of the wha-wha, not that funny.

If I write HAHAHAHA (or more HAHAHAs) then I have laughed heartily at you joke.

If I write LOL, this is a trick answer, it might mean I actually laughed outloud, or it might mean that I am being sarcastic and this is the shittiest attempt at a joke I have ever seen.

But for reals, this is a HA! (exclamation point) joke: