Share Day at School

Sad story ahead...get kleenex.

So, when I was in Kindergarten, share day was going to be on Friday, and so I had all week to pick out an amazing item to share at school.  After a long and arduous decision, I decided on my brand new, mirrored, glass jewery box.  My first nice anything that my Mom entrusted to me, since I was a clumsy little fucker and broke a lot of shit.

I carefully placed it in my backpack and went hopping off to school.

It was finally "share time", so I got my jewelry box and walked over to the "share circle" and sat in my seat.

It was my time to share and I pulled the box out and walked around the circle, basically shaming my peers that they didn't have a nice jewelry box of their own.  I might have sneered a few times just to boot.

I then placed the box back under my chair, went to go sit down, and accidentally stomped on my new jewelry box, shattering it into a million pieces.  I burst into tears and ran to the bathroom.  I don't know what happened much after that, I guess I went into shock from the embarassment?

Now I know what PTSD feels like.

TBT Baby!

I know you are all dying to know what I want to do for my birthday which is coming up....

I was thinking karaoke...and then I was thinking bounce house + booze....and now I think I'll add this to the mix.


Posted by RantLifestyle on Wednesday, September 2, 2015